April 19-City island at 8 a.m.


Dear Team,


What an amazing start to the season we had! Lots of new faces mixed with our regulars to start of the season with a bang. I heard from many people on Saturday who apologetically declared themselves to be “just a walker” or “just a 5k runner, not a marathoner.”  Rest assured that we welcome each and every one of you, exactly where you are, and ready to offer the support you need to meet your goals.  I am fond of mentioning that Lori Brulo, one of our core members and team leaders, began with us a few years ago as a “just a walker.”  In her first marathon later that same year, she became a Boston marathon qualifier and hasn’t looked back.  She will head to Boston again this weekend along with her husband, Al, and team mates Jen Hitz, Shelley Casey, Gary Grobman,  and Michelle Cross (I hope I’m not missing anyone!).  Just join us on Saturdays and enjoy the process of increasing fitness, with no pressure to define your goals or what type of athlete you are. We will be with you every step of the way.


This weekend, we will return to City Island at 8 a.m. for a 3 miler. Let’s gather at the Walking Bridge this time, just for a change of pace. For those who wish to follow the 30-week marathon plan, you will find the link below.  Plan to meet at 7:45 so we can start at 8 sharp.




Best of luck to our Boston qualifiers! We will be with you all in spirit!


So, here are the details:


Meet at City Island Walking Bridge at 8


Last year’s Tshirt available for $5


Last year’s Tech shirts for $10


Until then, Keep moving,





Thoughts on Therapy from Sue Rooke, LMFT Aspire Counseling Services

Parents, do you know where your kids are right now?

If you answered “In their room, on their computer” or “Watching T.V.”  I’d say that’s a pretty standard answer.

But again, I ask:  “Do you know where your kids are?”

Chances are they are places that are far away from their bedrooms: scrolling through hundreds of tweets on twitter, sending pics on snap chat, checking tumblr, posting on Pinterest, seeing who’s on Facebook, or watching one of hundreds of movies and television shows available to them on  Netflix.

So the answer to my question isn’t really easy to answer accurately.

In order to parent well you need to know where your kids are physically as well as emotionally and psychologically, and that requires you to familiarize yourselves with the social media your kids are using, and where it is taking them.

And then ask them, “Where are you right now?”


Thoughts on Therapy from Sue Rooke, LMFT

What I (over)hear at Starbucks: “Why would anyone go to therapy? Me and my wife can talk about our stuff without having to PAY SOMEONE.”
What I hear in my office: “This has been so good for both of us. Now we can talk about our problems without fighting!”

What I (over)hear at high school sporting events: “Yeah, my kids are on their devices 24/7 just like yours are. But, hey, it’s just the way kids are these days.”
What I hear in my office: “Thanks for helping our family set healthy boundaries regarding social media. It has allowed us to actually talk to each other again!”

Aspire Counseling Services offers individual and family therapy by appointment.  Please call the office at 717.901.3440 to set up an appointment.


Week 29!!

Dear Team,

Please forgive my delay in getting this out to you! How exciting that we are entering into the last group run as we approach marathon Sunday on November 10. I don’t know if you’re feeling it yet, but I have begun to have butterflies of both anticipation and anxiety!  Having watched  so many of our teammates run through this program, I know we can go to the starting line in just over a week prepared to complete a marathon, and for many it will be our first.

Please know as you go forward in the race, we have prepared through difficult days, long runs, and challenging circumstances to do just this. We are ready to face the difficulty and we can make it to that finish line.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to celebrate with you when we have done just that.

For those of you who have been on this road with us, whether you will run a relay or not run at all on marathon day, we know that you are with us and we hope this training season has been as fulfilling for you. Each and every one of you has made this team the strong supportive community it is known to be.

This weekend’s run is a mere 8! Can you believe that? We will start at City Island at the Walnut Street Bridge and head onto the Greenbelt past PennDot out to just shy of 28th Street where we will turn and head back the way we came.  This should feel like a walk in the park!

Don’t forget to let me know if you will attend the pasta dinner at the Brulos on November 9!!  We want ALL who have been a part of this season, and their families, to join us but we need a head count. If you have been with us this season, then you gotta eat with us. Please let me know by November 3 if you will attend!

Remember guys, Keep Moving!!


The Details:

Meet at 8 am at City Island on Saturday for an 8 miler (it is on the Greenbelt so shorter or longer runs are possible but will not be marked!)

RSVP to me about the pasta dinner by November 3!

Gu available on Saturday, as are tech shirts!!

If you still need a relay or have not already been registered in one, contact me ASAP!

If you have registered for the marathon and have NOT yet received an instructional email from the race, let me know so we can make sure you’re good to go!






Week 28-Backing it down!

Dear Team Aspire,

So here we are…in the home stretch! It’s time to wind down, recover, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It’s taper time for those of you running the marathon and a perfect time to get back with us if you have missed the past few weeks because of scheduling conflicts. Remember, even if you’re not up for the full marathon, the relay is a great way to enjoy the event and celebrate a long hard season with the team! Let me know if you need a team, and we will get you connected.

This weekend’s run will be on the Greenbelt, starting at PennDot.  The schedule calls for 12 miles, and as always there will be shorter options! We will take the Greenbelt to the Market Street Bridge, cross to Lemoyne, go right on South Front Street to the Harvey Taylor Bridge, cross back over to Harrisburg and go left on North Front Street to Graham Street, where we will turn back and return the same way.  There are a few hearty souls who are planning to do 20, so come on out if you need another long run! If you would like to do 20, email Robert at

The Brulos have offered to host a team pasta dinner on November 9. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in attending. Families are welcome. A pre-race pasta dinner is a great way to mingle with other runners, talk about your plans for the race, and rev up your excitement for what’s to come! Shoot me a response to this email to let me know if you can make it!

See you all Saturday! Keep Moving-this is where it gets fun.


The Details:

Meet at PennDot for runs up to 12 miles

Let me know if you will attend the pre-race pasta dinner at the Brulos-NOT just for marathoners, folks! This is for the team!

Tech shirts still available!


Week 27-20 @ Conewago!

Dear Team,

It’s time to cue the theme song to Rocky! We are heading into a tough run this weekend where you prove to yourselves that you can run 20 miles! If you have been struggling with any aches or pains, let’s talk about them before you hit the trail. Keep in mind that, with just weeks to go before the marathon, you can still make it with wise decision making! With so many weeks already invested, let’s play it safe and play it smart. This is the weekend to come already hydrated, with a light low-fiber, high carbohydrate breakfast of around 300 calories. We will provide fluids along the way, but plan to bring a fluid belt if you have one. This weekend I will have fluids and GU at the hydration station.

If you would like to join a relay team, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can set you up! Enjoy the fun and satisfaction of the day along with Team Aspire! Even if you are NOT doing the marathon, please stick with us these last few weeks as you prepare for your goals. The more of us oout there cheering one another on, the better!

This Saturday we will meet at 8 am on the Conewago Recreation Trail, Route 230 trailhead, for out-and-backs up to 20 miles.

Congratulations to Amy Reed, and Al and Lori Brulo on their successful Steamtown Marathons. From all reports, the course was great and the pierogies were even better!  Thank you, also, to Lindsay Zemba who spoke to Team Aspire about nutrition.  It was great information from a great champion (and soon-to-be-mom!).

Keep Moving,


The Details:

Meet at 8 am at Conewago Recreation Trail for runs up to 20 miles-out and back!

Gu and Fluids will be provided

Aspire Team Shirts available! New shirts are $20, last year’s  shirts are $10



Week 26-City Island

Dear Team,

It’s so nice to have the return of the fall weather! I’m hoping that the cooler temperatures will bring many of you out to City Island at 8 this Saturday for out and back loops up to 14 miles! All loops will travel north on Front Street along the Greenbelt with turnaround points at Radnor Street (for 5 miles), Graham Street (for 6), and Vaughn Street (for 7). Runners going ten miles can take Vaughn to Green Street, left onto 6th, and turn around at Parkway. For those following the marathon buildup, continue on 6th Street, go right onto Linglestown Road, right onto Industrial Road and continue to the entrance of Wildwood Park (Wildwood Way). Do NOT loop around the lake, just head back for a flat and cool 14!

If those of you who are doing the marathon buildup are beginning to have doubts, hang in there and TRUST THE PLAN! Runners who have stuck with us (even those who have had some interruptions to their training along the way) have successfully covered the distance! Stick with us and we will get you to that finish line in just four short weeks. If you’re struggling with an injury, let us know so that we can help support you where you are.

If you are interested in running a relay, please let me know as soon as possible so that I can get you connected with others who are seeking a team.  The relay is a fun way to experience the festive marathon spirit and it just may leave you wanting more!

I am seeking volunteers to cover our hydration stations for two upcoming weekends! This Saturday, October 12 and Saturday November 2.  It would consist of dropping off and picking up the coolers at a designated place. I can deliver the coolers to your home!

Mark your calendars for this Sunday, October 13th, at 6 PM! Lindsay Zemba, an Ironman triathlete and personal trainer, will speak to us at Lori and Al Brulos’s home (6251 Bridle Rd, Harrisburg) on optimal nutrition for training.  I heard Lindsay speak years ago and it was incredibly informative and helpful! Let me know that you’re planning to come. This speaker just may keep you from experiencing tummy troubles at the marathon, so try to be there!

Please join me in wishing Good Luck to our team mates who are running the Steamtown Marathon this Sunday! God speed, Al, Lori and Amy (any others?). We are will you!
Keep Moving,


The Details:

Meet at 8am at City Island to run loops up to 14

This year’s tech shirts are available for $20-let me know if you want one!

Gu and Water will be available!
Seeking volunteers to cover hydration station on October 12, and November 2!



Week 25-Conewago Trail-Route 230 Trailhead

Dear Team Aspire,
Welcome to week 25 of our 30-week training plan. We have logged many miles together and have miles to go before we celebrate our success at the Aspire Harrisburg Marathon! This week’s run is a whopping 18 miler for those doing the full marathon. We will meet at the Conewago Recreation Trail, at the Route 230 trailhead, to run out-and-back loops up to 18. The trail is marked every half mile, so you can choose your distance on this flat and shaded trail.
Regretfully, I will be unable to come to Saturday’s run and I am seeking a volunteer to provide a hydration station to our team. If you or a family member is willing to get up early and help us out in this way, let me know and I can get you the coolers and Gatorade.
Remember, even if you are not planning to do the full marathon, running a relay is a fun way to take part in the day and enjoy the festivities with the team. If you can run five miles, you are ready to run a relay leg (they are between five and seven miles). Just let me know if you would like to participate, and I and I can help you find a team.
Now is the time to experiment with pre-race foods. It is ideal to eat a small high-carbohydrate breakfast (oalmeal, bagels and bananas are good choice). If you plan to do so, give it a try before Saturday’s run so that you know how your body will react. The same goes for fluids and gel. Try out now what you plan to use later.
I will look forward to hearing all about your run. Have a great run, team. Remember to manage your energy wisely and take fluids as you move into distances we haven’t tackled to date. I will be with you in spirit. Keep Moving!
The Details:
Meet at Conewago Recreation Trail at 8 am on Saturday to runs up to 18 miles.
Tech Shirts available for $20-ladies small SOLD OUT.
Last year’s tech shirts are $10.
Gu always available for $1.
Let me know if you want to run a relay and we will find you a team!


Week 24-Meet at PennDot

Dear Team Aspire,

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to register for the Aspire Harrisburg Marathon on November 10. The registration fee for our team is $60. For more information, click the link below. If you think running a relay is a better fit for you, we can help you find a team. Just let me know at one of our upcoming runs and we can get you set up. Relay legs are between five and seven miles-manageable if you have built your longest run up to five miles.

If you have struggled with injuries this season, then you DON’T want to miss our next speaker. Chad Chole, from Chole Performance Chiropractic, will introduce us to Active Release Therapy. ART is a highly effective technique that speeds the recovery from many common running-related problems.  Chad will be at the Brulo’s home at 6251 Bridle Road at 6pm this Sunday, September 29. Let me know if you plan to attend!

This week’s loops will start at the PennDot Riverfront office. We will travel north on Front Street to the Market Street Bridge, head across the bridge to Front Street into Lemoyne, return to Harrisburg via the Forester St. Bridge, take North Front Street to Division Street and return the SAME way for 12 miles.  If you do only one bridge loop and head back to PennDot, the route is 5.5 miles.

Looking forward to cutting the miles back after two long runs in a row. This will leave our legs fresh and ready to tackle 18 next weekend!

Keep Moving, Team,


The Details:

  • Meet at PennDot for loops up to 12 miles!
  • Come to the Brulos on Sunday, 6PM, to hear Chad Chole speak about Active Release Therapy.
  • Gu and Water will be available!
  • This year’s tech shirts are available for $20, last year’s for $10 while supplies last!